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Sleeping Pod

Sleeping Pod

Introducing our latest innovation in residential and hospitality design - the Sleeping Pod. Our prefabricated and modular design allows for easy installation and customization to fit your needs. Whether you're looking to add extra sleeping space to your home or create a unique guest experience at your hotel, our Sleeping Pod is the perfect solution. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help bring your vision to life.


Size (LxWxH):
Total Area (m2):
External Finishes:
5.80m x 2.15m x 2.35m
12.5 m2
LGS Structural frame.
Composite Aluminium panels, Thermal & waterproof barriers, insulated tempered glass, aluminum profiles & aluminium smart door plus LED Lighting
Internal Finishes:

Laminate Flooring, glass bathroom privacy door, vinyl wall finishes, customizable sanitary ware, water heater, joinery works lighting & plumbing, split type AC, Sockets & data connections.

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