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Sleeping Pod Large

Sleeping Pod Large

Introducing our latest innovation - the Large Prefabricated Sleeping Pod! Perfect for those who value comfort and convenience, our sleeping pod is designed to provide a cozy and private sleeping space. With its spacious interior and modern design, it's the perfect solution for those who need a quick and easy sleeping solution. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in comfort and convenience!


Size (LxWxH):
Total Area (m2):
External Finishes:
11.5m x 2.15m x 2.2m
24.7 m2
LGS Structural frame.
Composite Aluminium panels, Thermal & waterproof barriers, insulated tempered glass, aluminum profiles & aluminium smart door plus LED Lighting.
Internal Finishes:

Laminate Flooring, glass bathroom privacy door, vinyl wall finishes, customizable sanitary ware, water heater, joinery works lighting & plumbing, split type AC, sockets & data connections.

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